Introduction of Categories

Photography – A journal of my photography adventures which I dub as “photo-trips”. I’m not a professional, but I’m a serious hobbyist. I began making the shift from taking snapshots to taking photographs during my third year in polytechnic. It started off with a one-semester elective module on digital photography and I relied on my father’s Canon Digital Ixus 850 IS (a point-and-shoot digicam), and moved on to my own Sony NEX C3 compact DSLR in December 2011, then Sony NEX 6 in August 2014. I’m not fond of portrait photography; pretty much anything else is fine by me. I take special interest in architectural photography, naturally, due to my professional background.

With Love – Writings of my other passions and hobbies. Just because they don’t get their own categories doesn’t mean they’re not as prominent in my life (compared to photography), though.

Yours Truly – Where I write about things that make me concerned. It could be about things going on in my life, or things I notice going on in the world.