Introduction of Categories

Archery – A sport I had been particularly interested in ever since watching Legolas in Lord of the Rings using his bow and arrows to kill orcs and uruk-hais so impeccably. Finally got around to attending archery lessons when my neighbourhood community centre opened up a class in January 2013. This category is currently only a journal of what I learn at each lesson.

Photography – A journal of my photography adventures which I dub as “photo-trips”. I’m not a professional, but I’m a serious hobbyist. I began making the shift from taking snapshots to taking photographs during my third year in polytechnic. It started off with a one-semester elective module on digital photography and I relied on my father’s Canon Digital Ixus 850 IS (a point-and-shoot digicam), and moved on to my own Sony NEX C3 compact DSLR in December 2011. I’m not fond of portrait photography; pretty much anything else is fine by me. I take special interest in architectural photography, naturally, due to my professional background.

With Love – Writings of my other passions and hobbies. Just because they don’t get their own categories doesn’t mean they’re not as prominent in my life (compared to archery and photography), though.

Yours Truly – Where I write about things that make me concerned. It could be about things going on in my life, or things I notice going on in the world.