Birds of Metal (that flock in battle)

I’ve only started being keen in planes for about 2 years, and I know little about them but I couldn’t have missed a chance to see so many planes in one place! The Singapore Airshow 2014 was to be my first of many airshows to come. I had of course brought Rosa along, but this time I took the liberty to rent a zoom lens because a friend (fellow photography and aeronautics enthusiast) recommended that I did so in order to get good shots of the aerobatics display.

But first, a walk around the trade show! I started off with the Changi Airport Singapore booth.

Lots of commercial aircraft models propped on a slanted panel

Lots of commercial aircraft models propped on a slanted panel

As someone who used to have to do architectural scale models, of course I was drawn to the model of the upcoming terminal a.k.a. Project Jewel ;)

As someone who used to have to do architectural scale models, of course I was drawn to the model of the upcoming terminal a.k.a. Project Jewel ;)

Model showing the new terminal accomodating larger aircrafts

Model showing the new terminal accommodating larger aircrafts

Then a very good look at other big names of the aerospace industry, showcasing their most advanced technology and latest achievements.

I had initially planned to hop into at least one of the actual military aircrafts on display at the field outdoors, but the weather was wayyyyy too sweltering hot (it doesn’t help that the concrete ground was reflecting heat and UV off the surface) and the queues for those planes were simply ridiculously long! So I just got myself a nice cold drink and walked through the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) exhibition tent. While in there, going through the exhibits and enjoying the cool air-conditioning, I noticed that suddenly there was nobody around me. And then, quite suddenly again, a huge throng. I just wanted to get through so I squeezed around the narrow sides, then I spotted a familiar figure at the front of the throng – apparently the President was making his official visit to the Airshow.

Well anyway, I just walked past the crowd when it gradually huddled around a particular board and went ahead. When I was done with the RSAF exhibit, I was back outside, getting threatened by the sun that I was going to melt any time soon. But “soon” was only going to make me stay, because it was almost time for the aerobatics flying display!

It was afternoon and the RSAF Black Knights had already performed in the morning, but what was in store was certainly just as exciting. The Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) had their Black Eagles, and my oh my were they fantastic. I stood there with my zoom lens – every second the weight was really making itself felt deep in my muscles, and I could instinctively feel my exposed arms getting darker from the extreme sun without even looking – and the really knew how to put up a show that made us all glued to the ground looking out for them while they were hiding in the clouds and staring in awe after them when they flew right past or gave a stunning mid-air stunt. I took more than just a handful of photos, but only the following few could do enough justice to their majestic aircraft and skills.

After the exhilarating time with the Black Eagles, I had to rush off to Camera Rental Centre in Clarke Quay to return the 18-200mm Sony E-mount lens back to them. I didn’t want to miss the timing that would after which incur an additional day’s rental cost; although even if I did accidentally exceed the stipulated time to return, I was more than willing to pay for it because the lens was really a good buddy to me that day! Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to catch such crisp, close-up shots of the birds of metal. All that time in the sun, all that weight, and that little bit of money spent on the lens rent was completely worthwhile :)

Thanks for dropping by Spirit of a Spright! If you have any comments, do leave them below, or if they’re constructive critiques specific to a photo shown here, do click on the image and leave your words at their respective image pages. This was my first time using a zoom lens, and certainly my first time shooting fast-moving objects. Hope you have some good advice for the next time that I attend an airshow!


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