Cats in a Lock+Store?

No, not a case of abuse as you might think it to be. It’s just a few animal welfare societies getting together to hold an adoption drive – cum – charity sale, at the loading bay and lobby of a storage facility on a lazy weekend.

I brought my camera along because I missed taking photos, and cats seemed like great subjects! Except that they were so prone to moving quickly.

There was also a gentle and quiet dog up for adoption.

LNS 12

At one point, a naughty little pet puppy brought by one of the animal lovers barked at a group of for-adoption kittens. Three adult for-adoption cats came to the rescue immediately; they jumped up, ears flat in a show of imminent attack, and snarled at the puppy.

LNS 13

My friend Alia, whom I had dragged to go with me to the event, took a liking to a pair of half Maine-Coon cats. She hung around them and handled them for quite a while, before she decided to take one in for a trial adoption.

The half Maine-Coon siblings:

Before we went off, I popped by a celebrity cat that was present at the event. Scarface is huge and looks scary, but he really just loves receiving pats and scratches all over from his human friends.

Eventually, Alia chose the full-black half Maine-Coon to bring home, so she purchased a pet basket from one of the event stalls, to bring the cat, named Leo, to a new home.

What Leo probably wasn’t expecting was that Alia already has 5 other cats at home! Featured here are two of the five, checking out the new dude on the block:

Once it looked like Leo has started to settle into the new environment (he got out of the basket on his own and began exploring the house); I decided it was time to go home. Just downstairs of Alia’s block, though, was one more photogenic but stray cat that didn’t mind the camera.

What a cool Caturday!


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