Saving the day

Had a short respite from work in the middle of September. It was a sunrise at Changi Beach.

Or at least, sunrise was what it was supposed to be. The clouds were just too dismal. The beach was horrendously dirty with rubbish washed up from the sea. Easily the filthiest beach I’ve ever been to in Singapore; enough to make me never want to go there ever again.

So, anyway, dismal skies usually means lousy sunrise. I know I’m not skilled enough (yet) to be able to save the image if I insist on catching that morning sun, so I found another subject to photograph instead – my fellow photographer.

I believe he got much better shots than I did that day (shooting someone's back >.< )

I believe he got much better shots than I did that day (shooting someone’s back >.< )

If you ever wonder what kind of shots he got, you can follow him on Instagram, @gkcphotography. He’s quite skilled, much, much more than I am, so do check his works out!

Even this image needed a good dose of post-process to be decent enough for this blog. I really need to learn more and upgrade my skills.

I had one other subject, though.

Catching some fish? Crabs? Seaweed? I have no idea.

Catching some fish? Crabs? Seaweed? I have no idea.

This man walked right into the water and started casting his net over and over again, moving a few metres along the shore each time. I’m not sure if he actually got anything, but the sheer fact that he was using a net, an almost archaic thing in modern little Singapore, was enough to make me want to catch a shot. Again, this shot was also post-processed because the natural lighting was terrible.

You might be able to easily spot that my lens/sensor is dirty. It has been for quite a while, and trust me, I always try to clean before and/or after every session, but the spots simply won’t leave. Even the maintenance guys at Sony couldn’t remove it.


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