Rediscovering (proper) photography; Embarking on Lightroom

I haven’t been doing serious photography in many long months, and when I set out to get some sunset shots at a beautiful rocky beach last weekend, I found myself fumbling with the settings on Manual mode. Add to that I hadn’t used my 16mm prime lens in an even longer time, I was like a fool wasting my time figuring things out during the precious golden hour instead of using the time to get good angles and exposure.

I took an embarrassing set of ugly photos compared to the rest of the group (it was a photography outing with a bunch of photography enthusiasts group founded on Facebook) and it didn’t help that I’m a noobicus maximus to post-processing.

Someone I met during the outing advised me to download and use Adobe Lightroom to post-process my images, so I did. Here’s my first attempt:

I thought it was decent enough, even though something felt amiss but I couldn’t place what. So I tried something else – blending images and post-processing them on Photoshop:

I don’t know what got into me but I busted the saturation and hues. So I tried another blend-and-post-process, again on Photoshop:

Now it seems a little better, so I uploaded the 3 post-processed images on Facebook. The same guy who advised me about getting Lightroom commented on the 3rd image, saying that I could amp up the Shadow slider to “bring out some detail from the rocks”, so I decided to give this post-processing thing one more shot with a single new photo, this time going back to Lightroom to play around with the sliders and do as he’d suggested:

Photo’s a bit slanted, but still, wow wow wee wow! I think I finally got the hang of this whole slide-the-sliders business. The rocks did turn out more detailed when I cranked up the Shadow and Clarity sliders.

I have to agree that Adobe Lightroom can do more wonders than the RAW image-editing software that came with my camera, or Photoshop, for that matter. Right now I’m still running on a 30-day trial of Lightroom, and I think if I’m going to take my photography seriously I would consider buying the full version in due course. And there’s still an ultra long way to go before I would completely master both photography and post-processing. It has been an exciting journey so far, so maybe I could hope to continue pursuing this hobby and passion for many years to come :)

Thanks for reading this post; I hope you would comment on the images or give some advise if you have any!


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