Morning at Marina Bay Sands

This wasn’t a recent photo-trip, in fact it was in April 2012, but I just realised I have yet to upload it on my deviantArt gallery, so I thought why not give these photos their debut here instead?

Started at Point A for the first 2 shots, and walked along the edge of the Bay to MBS’s The Shoppes. The building on the other side of Bayfront Ave is the MBS hotel.

Arriving in the vicinity of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) so early in the morning was truly so refreshing. The huge body of water, the gentle sunlight, the sprinkling of morning joggers passing through, the fresh breeze of wind unblocked by any crowds and untainted with traffic fumes… everything was promising me a good day ahead.

Soon I was on my way through and up to the roof of MBS’s The Shoppes. I was initially planning to take the link bridge to the Gardens By The Bay from there, but found half the bridge to be closed for some renovation works, so I stuck around the open part of the bridge for a while. It was a good chance for an architecture enthusiast like me to get close up shots of the glass panels and fins on the MBS hotel towers. Yes, the self-same hotel that earned the title of one of the “World’s Ugliest Hotels” by Telegraph.

After a bit of exploring, I found a staircase with no signage in its direction, so I decided to be adventurous, followed it up, up, up… and, voila! I found myself on the roof of The Shoppes!

Soon it was time for lunch and I went to my favourite cafe in The Shoppes, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Beanstro. It’s located right around the u-turn point of the indoor man-made river. The roof of that point has a basin that would empty gallons of water into the river at stipulated timings, and that whole rush of water just splashing in really helps to cool the surrounding interior space. I also suspect it’s some sort of fengshui thing, since water is representative of wealth in the ancient Chinese beliefs. Anyway, do visit the cafe even if not for the water feature and gondolas passing by; the food’s good and reasonably priced, too.

After filling my tummy, I headed out to the third and smallest part of MBS – the ArtScience Museum.  The lotus-shaped building is accompanied by a shallow raised pond filled with, you guessed it, lotus flowers. Honestly, this was the most colourful part of the whole photo-trip.

By this time, the afternoon heat started scorching my skin so I took shelter indoors of The Shoppes. After some ice-kacang dessert at the foodcourt, I spotted an escalator from the highest floor of the mall leading to somewhere above, again without any signage. Curiosity got me again so I made my way there and up, up, up…

I was surprised to find that it is yet another unmarked way to the roof! And this side has its floor decked with timber. Walking further in, I found some tiered seating areas and human traffic cordons. Looks like this side of the roof was intended for fireworks viewing during the New Year and National Day Parade celebrations.

So. That was a really good day spent exploring unchartered territories! All the shots above have not been major-post-processed, and all photos that have a weird aperture (like f/1) was taken using my third-party manual 50mm lens so the camera couldn’t register the EXIF data. If you have any advice or tips on how I could improve on my photography, do click on the individual photos to leave a comment! Any general suggestions, questions or comments, do leave them at the end of this post!

Marina Bay Sands

An evening shot of MBS I took during another photo-trip around Marina Bay


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